Kathy Casey Food Studios offers full-service consulting to the hospitality trade.

We provide cocktail, beverage, food, concept, and menu development for a wide range of national restaurant, retail and manufacturing clients. KCFS also offers consumer recipe development and cookbook testing and editing.

In addition to complete restaurant consulting resources in-house, we also have strategic alliances for food photography and styling, consumer research and brand building, public relations, newsletters, interior design, graphics, architecture and custom art creation.

Kathy Casey is also available as a business speaker/motivational speaker.

For more information, call Kathy Casey Food Studios at 206-784-7840 or email info@kathycasey.com.
View Kathy Casey Food Studios - Liquid Kitchen Company Capabilities

Kathy Casey Food Studios - Liquid Kitchen Company Capabilities 2018

Cocktail & Beverage Consulting
Let us apply our Liquid Kitchen philosophy to develop revenue-enhancing signature drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, for your concept. Click here.
Studios Rental
(for professionals)

Truly a "culinary playground," including the ultimate commercial kitchen. The Studios is also available to you to do your own recipe development and product testing or filming.
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