Commercial & Industrial Studio Rental

KATHY CASEY FOOD STUDIOS is a one-of-a-kind, 6000-sq. ft. facility.

Professionals can design recipes for their new project or road test equipment for an existing concept. Restaurateurs now have a place they can actually “practice” prior to opening their new restaurant or work on new items and concepts.

Featuring a full industrial “dream” kitchen, complete with a wood-burning rotisserie, grill and pizza oven, Kathy Casey Food Studios offers space for development, demonstration, menu and product testing, as well as culinary classes and seminars, mock service or investor concept showings.

In addition to “hands on testing,” KCFS is a splendid place to hold consumer testing groups, intimate seminars or creative ideation sessions for members of the hospitality and retail food and beverage industries. A dining room/conference area in front of the kitchen seats 24 and allows comfortable viewing for showings and training. A theater curtain can be pulled for more private meetings.

Our dazzling wine salon with its spectacular marble floor and grape motif is the perfect environment for private wine tastings or small meetings. Adjacent is the culinary research library that houses the history, recipes and answers to every possible culinary question.

The studio is also a great place for filming, whether it is a TV cooking show, commercial, or training video. Our different rooms are equipped with multiple ceiling grids for ease of lighting your next film production.

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