A frequent media guest, Kathy Casey has appeared on Good Morning America, Food Network’s Unwrapped, The Other Half, The Larry King Show, CBS This Morning, The Travel Channel, PBS, and numerous shows in the Pacific Northwest.

Kathy Casey Liquid Kitchen
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Kathy Casey's Liquid Kitchen, mixes her talent behind the bar and experience as a chef into a creative journey through great drinks inspired by the kitchen. Kathy's expertise as a chef and mixologist will be showcased in each new weekly episode.

Dishing with Kathy Casey Radio

Hear Kathy Casey's radio show "Dishing with Kathy Casey" every weekend on KOMO News Radio to get the latest scoop on what's hot and in season, from fabulous recipe tips to fun foodie finds!

Herbal Cocktails: From Garden to Glass
Burgers are on the Menu!

Kathy Casey on TV and the Web

Mornings with Kaci: Ultimate Lavender Lemon Soda
Kathy Casey shakes up an herbalicious non-alcoholic Ultimate Lavender Lemon Soda to serve with Blueberry-Lavender and Goat Cheese crackers for a d'lish pairing seen here on "Mornings with Kaci"!
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Mornings with Kaci: Cherry Basil Collins
Kathy Casey shows you how to make a faboo summer drink that works great as either a non-alcoholic version for the kids, or a great cocktail for a warm summer party! And nothing goes better with a Cherry Basil Collins than Kathy's Goat Cheese and Almond-crusted Cherry Bings!
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Mornings with Kaci: Tuscan Rosemary Lemon Drop
An Italian take on this summertime favorite, Kathy Casey shakes up a Tuscan Rosemary Lemon Drop on "Mornings with Kaci"! Kathy always has great ideas for summer cocktails and appetizers, so head to her blog for more d'lish inspiration!
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New Day Northwest: Easter Treats
Do you ever find yourself with the problem of having a ton of leftover Easter candy each year? Leave it to our friend, Kathy Casey, whose latest cookbook is called Sips and Apps to come up with a solution for any extra candy and eggs after this holiday weekend. That is if there are any leftover goodies. Just in case Kathy is here with some genius ideas.
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New Day Northwest: Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
Catch Kathy Casey on KING 5's New Day Northwest shaking up non-alcoholic holiday cocktails. The holidays are always filled with fun parties, but not everyone imbibes. Watch Kathy as she makes a Rosemary Pom Holiday Sparkle and a Cucumber Ginger Jasmine Fizz. Find these non-alcoholic holiday cocktails and other drink recipes on Kathy's blog.
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Mornings with Kaci: Ballard Bee Honey
Kathy Casey shows you some ideas for dishes and drinks using local honey from the Ballard Bee Company. Nothing makes it feel like summer more than light, fun recipes that are the perfect complement to warm summer evenings. Kathy has great ideas for summer cocktails and appetizers, so head to her blog and grab the recipes seen here on "Mornings with Kaci"!
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How to Clean Razor Clams
After a fun weekend at the 2010 4th Annual Razor Clam Festival in Ocean Shores, Washington, Kathy Casey and guest Scott Surdyke show you how to properly clean and filet razor clams.
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The Razor Clam Dance!
This past March Kathy Casey and her crew headed down Ocean Shores, WA for the 4th Annual Razor Clam Festival. There was chowder sampling, razor clam digging, and then choreographing this "official" razor clam dance. It's clam-tastic!
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Bee Hive Installation
Watch as Corky Luster of Ballard Bee Honey installs a brand new bee hive at the Ballard Dish D'Lish!
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Mornings with Kaci: Easter Recipes
Kathy shows you how to use up all that leftover Easter candy on "Mornings with Kaci", Q13 Fox News. Find the recipes on her blog.
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Moore to Life: Shaking Up a Party
Check out Kathy Casey as she shows Kelley Moore how to "shake up" a party on "Moore to Life".
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CNN: Fairmont Abu Dhabi
Watch Kathy Casey as she shares her trendy recipes for festive cocktails with CNN from the Fairmont Hotel in Abu Dhabi.
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Over 21 'Real Fruit' Cake
See the fun, festive mayhem in making the super delicious "Over 21" 'Real Fruit' Cake made with Maker's Mark Bourbon. The Kathy Casey Food Studios team takes you behind the scenes to show how we hand make our cakes every year. This tasty cake is made with loads of dried fruits soaked in even more boozy Maker's Mark goodness. The drunken fruits are then mixed with toasted nuts... all held together with a spice batter. We bake them up and then soak them with a special Maker's Mark glaze. These cakes sold out this year in 48 hours! Until next year happy holiday fruitcake!
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The Liquid Muse: Douglas Fir Sparkletini
Kathy shakes up her fun and festive Douglas Fir Sparkletini for "The Liquid Muse" Natalie Bovis-Nelsen on Small Screen Network.
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Hyp Foods: Sips and Apps
See Kathy Casey at the Columbia Winery in Woodinville, WA for a book signing. She talks about her latest book, "Sips and Apps" and shares some appetizers for her interview with Hyp Foods.
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Whole Foods Markets: Coconut-Braised Black Cod
See Kathy on Whole Foods Markets' The Secret Ingredient, where she cooks up her Spicy Coconut-Braised Black Cod with Colorful Vegetables. Check out the recipe here.
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Kathy Casey on the Radio

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